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In entrepreneurs' everyday life we are often questioned about the major profile of our enterprise. And when we answer  that from certain time the overall capacities  of 2000 square metres of industrial floor space with  dozens of machine tools and mechanisms, 70 per cent of them are used  for making aquariums,  people are greatly astonished as they  had never immersed into the atmosphere of man-made  home aquaworld and never had  a home terrarium or paludarium.

Aquaristics, creation of small ecosystems, nature design and similar things are an inalienable  part of life  of millions of people of different ages, sex and social status. It is one of contemporary  human beings' answers to certain disadvantages of urbanization.



Aquarium in Kyiv

Raw materials and other materials

We feel extreme responsibility in the process of making aquariums, selecting raw materials and tools.

Industrial capacities of “Technology-Inter Ltd” use sheet glass produced by method of float process imported to Ukraine, of nominals 4-19mm, ordinary and with increased lead content (Diamant, super clear, etc). In case we need additional qualities, glass is respectively treated and may be used as thermically tempered and multilayered one (triplex). For aquariums we widely use bent glass produced at our industrial capacities.

At our industrial capacities we apply technological charts produced due to our experience of many years and constant search. These charts also include processes of raw materials quality testing as well as that of ready product.

We use solely professional tools and equipment, only relevant, friendly for future dwellers of the capacities, silicons, plastics, that are allowed for use in everyday activity and which minimally affect environment in the process of utilization.

Our enterprise plans to elaborate a full set -”aquarium, lid, aquarium stand” from materials which can be fully recycled without harmful impact on environment.

We elaborated a rather wide line of standard aquariums and products. The price list with effective prices for trade organizations and entrepreneurs - intermediary will be sent individually to everyone, since there is a system of reductions proceeding from the possible scope of aquariums.

The prices indicated on the website are effective only for final customers!!

Aquarium Kiev

Principles of price formation

We have been working at price formation for a long time, studying it, influencing the “per litre” archaic price formation market and achieved certain results.
The specificity of this proposal lies in the fact that we attempted to eliminate the existing disproportion between the production cost price of the product and the sale price of an enterprise-producer. That is, when the existing system of product evaluation in hryvnias per litre distorts the method of market price formation.

Frankly speaking, we admit that we were unable to fully achieve it since there are competitive prices of other producers and we have no right to ignore them. Thus there was actual reduction of our product prices. Insignificant rising prices for certain elements fail to compensate our losses from reduction. We do hope that this just temporary since it is difficult to call normal a situation when an aquarium with the bent front glass costs less (because of smaller litres) than that with generally straight glass. Consumption of materials is actually the same, however, energy consumption and labour expenses are much higher. The more so aquariums with the smallest number of litres (especially narrow ones) are actually sold at a loss.

Nevertheless we are sure to reach a positive result of cooperation with our customers and are  looking forward to our future with optimism.

We do hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation, transparent and mutually advantageous relationship.

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