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Major types of activity of the Company:





A wide assortment of standard products

High quality and reliable raw materials

Aquariums made to order

Aquariums made to order

Of any dimensions and configurations according to the customer's needs

making aquariums according to individual drawings


Glass furniture

Glass furniture

Our own production

Standard furniture and made to order

Devising and manufacturing trade and decorative shop windows

Glass Industrial Processing

Glass Industrial Processing

Drilling, bending, sand blasting processing

We are working with all types of  glass and mirrors, from 2 to 30 millimetres.

About us:

The Joint-Stock Company  “Technology-Inter” was founded in 2001 on the basis of a small industrial complex for mechanical and thermal glass processing  as complete sets for trade equipment. We started our activities specializing in the types of glass processing that were in high  demand on the market :

In the meantime the enterprise was developing, there were additional investments and we considerably extended our spectre of services and started to offer new types of glass processing to  our customers :

We purchased up-to-date professional equipment and tools which allowed us to rise to a higher level of quality and reach industrial volumes of production. We started processing glass edges on multispindle machine tools, processed  glass drilling  on a duplex horisontal tool, purchased washing equipment , etc. Due to this we won new markets and started to  produce new types of glass products, thereby raising glass products quality as well as our competitiveness. Thus we started to produce parts for the biggest in Ukraine refrigerating equipment plant, acquired expertise in glass furniture production and became a regional leader in the area of glass processing and production of glass and mirrors for furniture industry.

As our strategy was based on striving to create a holistic product , in 2009 we started production of aquariums where we could apply practically all available technologies of  glass edge  processing, drilling, bending and gluing, etc. We were striving to create an inexpensive aquarium, which would conform to the high quality product  and could become an industrial product for wide consumption.  Very quickly we elaborated the most extensive in the country line of high quality inexpensive aquariums  and parts to them. The optimal combination of price and high quality allowed us to rapidly strengthen our  stand on the market of Ukraine and initiate cooperation  with the biggest operators on the market of aquariums and aquarium products.

Certainly,  we were faced with the issue of logistics  and operative execution of orders. It made us  place our warehouse and later  production  in Kyiv. The available  extensive  consumer network and placement of production and  warehouses in two regions (Kyiv and Konstiantynivka, Donetsk oblast – the territory controlled by Ukraine)  are furthering the success of our tasks.  

We  create new products and services and are looking  forward to receiving feedback from our customers with  high evaluation of our efforts.
Our professional skills and pride are fundamental  for the philosophy of our enterprise.
Aquida™ - aquariums, terrariums, paludariums

We have invested Our experience, high standards of quality and innovative approach, in our trade mark Aqvida. Our aquariums, terrariums, paludurium which satisfy the needs of both beginner and hardliner and expert. With the TM Aqvida, the usual aquarium turns into the small universe on it’s own right, which we help you to create!

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